Wanderlust Amsterdam

By websitevanrick | Comments: 0 | maart 28, 2018

Wanderlust Amsterdam

Extraordinary pieces for the drifters, the explorers, the night lovers and the free spirits who have a passion for adventure and an obsession for freedom. Wanderlust is here for those risk takers. We bring a vintage inspired mix and match of dreamy bohemian styles and prints with a rock & roll soul to everyone who dares to stand out. No time for basics, we always choose fun.

Wanderlust is all about individual pieces inspired by ever changing real life journeys. This makes every collection different and unique. But some things will always stay the same. We obsess about every tiny detail, pick the best fabrics and go for the right fit, so you feel completely comfortable to explore the world.

We are Wanderlust and we will join you on your travels to the places where you feel most alive. To the cities you’ve never heard of before. Where you fall in love with strangers. Where you roll under the stars. Where you slow dance to rock music. Take a walk on the wild side and dream while you’re wide-awake.

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